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ClearHire makes hiring easy. Our modern UI, intuitive workflows, and automated recruiting tasks keep candidates updated on their hiring status at all times, delivering an innovative and first-class recruiting process.

Our system eliminates repetitive tasks for employers by efficiently automating communication and scheduling. Learn more about our product features for candidates and employers below.

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Regularly updated status on the user-friendly platform interface informs you about your current status in the hiring process and enhances your overall candidate experience.

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Find and apply for jobs

Find and apply for jobs on our extensive job portal while tracking all your applications in one place.


2 Way Communication

Ask questions, seek feedback, or schedule appointments with candidates and allow candidates to follow up in kind. One spot to track all of your candidate communication.

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Create email templates that auto-trigger when advancing candidates through your stages. 

Include links to auto-schedule interviews, send automated offer letters that can be accepted through the ClearHire platform. Simplify your process and save time and money. 

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Pipeline Management

With the drag and drop job posting builder easily and quickly build your hiring process. 

See all of you candidates in one place and advance candidates through your pipeline stages by simply dragging and dropping. 

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Easy Job Posting

Easily share job postings to the job boards. Create templated job postings that can be re-used. Easily share with interested candidates and on your career page. 

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